There are two classes of Honorary Members: ACEC Life Members and ACEC Illinois Honorary Life Members.

The ACEC Life Members are provided for in the ACEC Bylaws. This category may be accorded to those members who have fully retired from active practice as Consulting Engineers and have been a member for at least 10 years.

ACEC Illinois Honorary Life Membership is granted by the ACEC Illinois Board of Directors to individuals who have honored their profession.

ACEC Illinois Honorary Life Members

Clifton R. Baxter
Donald J. Bradley
Bill Cazier
Woodrow C. Chenault, Jr.
Dean Collins
William B. David
Paul A. DeBruyne
Leo J. Dondanville
Ralph Hahn
Michael J. Hartigan, Sr.
George F. Heck
Donald E. Houser
Harold E. Hughes
Thomas L. Jester
Lloyd L. Johnson
Douglas C. Knuth

David C. Liu
Kenneth E. Nelson
Stephen H. Palac
John D. Pantazis
David Rowe
Robert C. Ryken
Donald E. Thompson
William F. Tornrose
Vernon M. Wegerer
Robert D. Wesselink
Brian R. Whiston
Gary A. Wilken
Eugene R. Wilkinson
Robert D. Wire
Robert M. Zimmerman

ACEC Life Members

William H. Plautz
Robert F. Robertson
James Trawinski


ACEC bylaws state that "individuals qualifying for Fellow shall have academic and professional qualifications and accomplishments demonstrating notable contributions to the advancement of consulting engineering in administrative leadership, design, science, by literature, in education, or by service to the profession, have been a member of ACEC for five or more years, a principal of a member firm, and served ACEC or a Member Organization as an officer, director, or committee chairman. No more than five percent of the total membership of ACEC may be included in the honorary group.

A Life Fellow is fully retired and has been a Fellow for at least five years.

ACEC Fellows

Reginald H. Benton
John L. Carrato
Philip M. Corlew
Charles E. Craddock
Gregg L. Foltz
Darcie W. Gabrisko
Philip L. Houser
Linda L. Huff
Peter H. Mesha
James P. Messmore
David M. Oates
Sergio A. Pecori
Myron K. Scheibe

ACEC Life Fellows

Clifton R. Baxter
Leo J. Dondanville
Michael J. Hartigan, Sr
George F. Heck
Donald E. Houser
Kenneth E. Nelson
William H. Plautz
Robert F. (Roy) Robertson
Donald E. Thompson
Vernon M. Wegerer
Robert D. Wesselink
Robert D. Wire

ACEC Past Board Chairs